The project and the process

So it’s almost here.

I am hoping to give my first collection to my manufacturer on July 11th. My wonderful manufacturer, Dale from New Model Beauty Queen, is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited and has already been so helpful.

After I receive my samples back I will photograph them and create a ‘lookbook’ and toddle off overseas for six weeks to see if I can drum up any interest over there. I will then be back home in October to launch the label in Melbourne. Exciting!

But –

There is still so much to do and July 11th is looking frightfully close. It is currently 11pm and I am still sitting in my studio (kindly lent to me by the fabulous Mr Damian Crock from Crock Productions/Picture This Ballooning and New St Films). The fabric is (almost) all ordered, the patterns are slowly taking shape and I will probably be in here for at least 12 hours a day for the next fortnight to get the rest done.

I have popped up a little sneak peek of the fabrics I will be using.

There is colourgrown cotton (grown and woven in the US, this is cotton that naturally grows green or brown and therefore requires no dying), organic cotton, organic cotton lace, hemp, silk, tencel and modal (both knitted in Australia and the fibres made by closed loop production – meaning no harmful waste)

I can’t wait to use more wool (alpaca! camel!) so that the production can be done more on shore (Australia only does knitting, no woven fabrics) but knitwear still alludes me and I will need a little more time to get my head around it.

Starting with what I know, my collection will consist of a few shirts and blouses, a couple of skirts, a singlet, pair of pants (if I can ever get the silly pattern right) and a silk tunic. If I have time, there will be an additional dress that is an adaption of my entry to the Spirit of the Black Dress 2011. It will be a sleeveless dress that you have the option of adding collars to, unless you wish to wear a shirt underneath it instead. Hopefully that description sounds intriguing rather than ugly.

Each of the clothing items will be almost entirely biodegradable and labels will ask that if the item will no longer be worn then please  return to me or, if not, then compost it (don’t throw in the bin) so that more plants can grow from it.

The first time will not be perfect. I am still working out fusing, elastic, buttons, etc as they need to be removed before composting. I am still not sure whether I should be using silk, peace silk or no silk at all. I am still trying to work out how to make people wash my items less. I am still working my way through the business world so balancing the business and design aspects is mentally exhausting. But I suppose if I were perfectly happy with the first collection than there’d be less incentive for the second and I actually can’t wait to get stuck into the second collection.

I also found a wonderful quote in a beautiful friend’s beautiful book (which was in her beautiful new house) called Kevin McCloud’s 43 Principles of Home that said;

“There is no such thing as an eco-home, just as there is no such thing as an eco-car. It’s our use of these things that determines not how environmentally friendly they are but how environmentally friendly we are.”

Something to ponder…

This image is by Wendy Bevan. I love the colours.


2 thoughts on “The project and the process

  1. Im super excited for you, I love your approach, and I know the collection will be gorgeous and provoking x well done, best of luck reaching your targets!

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