The stress of it all

Stress is a funny thing. Everyone experiences it and everyone deals with it in different ways.

It often makes us sick. Many people end up breaking down before the project or the cause is done. Others find that their bodies break down after the event. The well-known story of getting through exam period then, the day after the exam, waking up and having to spend the rest of the holidays with a cold.

I am dealing with stress through procrastination.

There are SO many other things that my brain wishes to concentrate on and complete. Anything other than patternmaking and making decisions on the collection.

I also eat a lot.

I eat a lot usually, but stress makes it unhealthily so. Block of chocolate? Gone. Fast food. Gone. I’m constantly hungry and maybe need to go on a wander down the street to get more food.

I stop exercising.

My older sister is very structured when she’s stressed. She walks every morning and eats well. The rational part of my brain knows that running is like meditation and it clears my thoughts and I work better afterwards. My stressed brain can’t cope with taking the time out and instead spends three hours staring at a project that exercised brain would have taken half the time to complete.

I write lists.

I stare at my “original soyvlaki” to try and work out exactly what are the 52 natural ingredients that are in there.

I consider dressing up very fashionably and going around picking up rubbish so that people think it’s cool.

I ring fabric suppliers and ask whether they stock fair-trade or eco-friendly fabrics, even though I know they don’t (because customer demand brings about change)

I practise other voices and accents and wonder whether they’re good enough to fool the fabric ladies if I call up again.

I write another list.

I consider starting up a magazine and imagine all the things I could include.

I worry over finances.

I go and make myself another cup of tea and another sandwich.

I stare at the amount of work I have to do and then….

I watch True Blood.

Finally, when I decide I simply must get back to work and there is nothing else I can do to procrastinate, I write this blog.

I have 10 days until I hand in my collection to get the samples made.

I’m off to do some work.

After I make some tea.

Season of October: The potato gatherers 1879 by Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848-1884)

I recently visited the NGV and was reminded how much I like this painting. She is so beautiful that I kind of want to be her – and then I remind myself that she is a peasant picking potatoes and that I am lucky not to be her.


3 thoughts on “The stress of it all

  1. My mum has a postcard of that painting in her kitchen and tells me every time I’m there “Don’t you think that girl looks like Kat?” True story! And now it’s on your blog. Which I’m loving, by the way. xoxo

    • That’s so funny! I was showing Tom last night saying I wanted to look like her and he was on your mum’s side. What a compliment! I think she’s so pretty!

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