Just joined Twitter and whoa!

I don’t deal very well with conflict.

This is made all the more difficult as I am often asked to justify myself.

I’ve mostly learnt to cope with the “Why are you vegetarian?” questions.

A checkout lady commented on my piles of vegetables the other day and I simply shrugged, smiled and said my whole household was vegetarian. I meant it as a passing comment, but her reply was a snarled “But you’re wearing a leather belt.”

This I wasn’t quite prepared for and was speechless trying to work out whether I should or could justify myself in the time that it took her to scan the last three vegetables.

I tried to say it was second hand whilst at the same time saying “environment” and my words all got mixed up and I looked like a babbling fool.

To clear this up, I am essentially vegetarian for environmental reasons. I have soy in my coffee, but try and limit it due to neither it being too healthy nor the best for environment. I think hot milk tastes like cow, I don’t like tofu and I prefer second hand leather shoes as (until I’m proven otherwise) I think they are better for the environment that plastic ones.

I think that those that decide to eat less meat, or local small farmed meat, or organic/biodynamic, or go the ‘frugavore’ way are amazing. It’s not an all or nothing situation. You just do what you can.

The next question, which I feel is more justified, is “Why fashion?”

If I am so interested in the environment, why would I add to the disastrous mass of waste that is fashion?

My theory is that many people do not get involved with things they disagree with. Many groups have separated themselves from society in order to show their disdain for the way things are conducted. I don’t think there has been much change brought about this way. It has simply ostracised the minority group and leads to them being labelled as freaks while the majority continue in the same manner.

Architects are being urged to get involved with large planning companies. Many architects aren’t interested in a shopping mall or complex. But this is where a lot of modern building is heading and in order to create something better, architects must get involved.

In the same way I do not think that simply ignoring fast fashion is going to help anything. I want to give people another option. I want to support farmers and manufacturers of sustainable fibres. I want to be involved in education and the industry so that I might have a say. I want to do all this with minimal environmental impact.

I have just joined twitter as @enblocdesign. This is a completely new medium for me and a little scary. It’s my first day and already I have unknown people questioning me with things very difficult to reply to in 140 characters.

Do I make plus size and why not?

I replied that I did not, I am starting on a tiny budget but there are two out of the ten designs that are very loose and would maybe fit larger sizes.

Twitter is a very harsh tool. People can say things bluntly and from a safe, obscure place.  Replies can also be taken in the wrong way, even if they’re not meant to be hurtful.

I’ve already been told I’m a cop out, a silly business woman, uninnovative and stupid.

It’s only my first day.

How do you justify yourself in 140 characters?

In the end I think you can’t. You simply do what you do.

I make clothes that I want to wear. I then make a few others that I think will flatter other body types. I am only starting and I am trying my best. 147 characters… Damn.

On a happier note… Buttons! I couldn’t find any that I liked from wholesalers. I’m hoping that my trip overseas will land me with an amazing supply of biodegradable and beautiful buttons, but for the time being I am using these. Covered by Anne’s Fabrics on Sydney Road.


2 thoughts on “Justification

  1. If i’ve learnt anything hun its that you dont have to justify yourself. People who are asking you to wont hear your answer anyway. Just do it, and let your actions / results speak.

    Love reading this – so excited that you’re on your way. Good on you…

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