The Embroidery Adventure

Learning on the job is what most people do.

Learning from your mistakes is what everyone does.

In the last few days I’ve learnt a couple of things:

1. If you think you’ll need a week. Triple it to keep your sanity.

2. If you think you’ll pay $100. Save st least double.

3. If you think you’ve double checked your order. Triple check it.

Embroidery has been teaching me a lot.

Ordering fabric has been teaching me a lot.

First time unlucky. Try, try again.

One fabric has arrived in the wrong colour. I wanted white, but phone orders are sometimes tricky. Must learn to recheck the hardcopy multiple times.

Another two fabrics were promised to be delivered last week and no sign of them.


I picked up my embroidery and it has been a little adventure and the initial set up and sampling costs have nearly quadrupled.

I first went in and explained what I wanted. I was told to email the image and measurements and come back.

After a while I learnt that you needed to add 2.5cm to allow the machine to grip the fabric. Always good to know. Probably best learn BEFORE you’ve cut the material out…

After the first trial was done I learnt I had not been clear enough on the measurements. The designs were 5cm short.

They were also gold. GOLD!

I’d wanted ‘wheat’ coloured. And from the sample threads I thought I’d picked the right one. When gathered together in embroidery the colour intensifies. The shine intensifies.

Gold and shiny?

In my frazzled state I almost was convinced that all colours would be the same and maybe gold would be alright.

Five minutes later I was demanding non-shiny thread and a new colour.

At first the only non-shiny thread that was available was:



Soon there were more options. More expensive, but options.

With backup in the form of Tom, we went through all options.

Poor Tom.

3000? Or 547? I think 625 is a little yellow? Do you think 1009 has a little touch of pink? This or this? Maybe we’ll just go 436 and be done with it. Oh, but look at this one… Too dark?

I don’t think he knew what he was in for. (I don’t think the embroiderers did either!)

So we wandered out satisfied. We would have to order the thread from Germany, it would be more expensive, but I felt so much better.

This is the result:

It’s (going to be) a short blouse in organic cotton and hemp with a peter pan collar with an organic lace trim.

Can’t picture it?

Never mind. It will come in a cream coloured silk as well.

Off to make more expensive mistakes!

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2 thoughts on “The Embroidery Adventure

  1. Be careful who does your embroidery you must be BOR registered. Apparently embroidery is a really bad industry, make sure they are paying their people properly or you will be held to account! Why don’t you apply for Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation- i did. Good luck to you

    • Thank you. Golden cup in Brunswick has done my embroidery samples. And before I go into production I will definitely be applying to be ethical clothing Australia accredited.

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