Finally. Simplicity.

I touched on it in my last few blogs and after a little bit of thinking feel I have a lot more to say.

I’ve been feeling for a while that my closet is over loaded with things I only take out occasionally.

I don’t feel guilty about buying vintage or opshop clothing so sometimes overdo it slightly… I get bedazzled by the embroidery, or the fabric, or the craftmanship and decide that so much work has gone into the piece that I simply must have it.

And that.

And that one.

They are usually then such stand out pieces that you need to be in the right mood to wear them. They usually also need really nice basics in order to make them look less vintage and more “now”.

The problem is that I never seem to be able to find the right basics and my wardrobe just continues to grow.’s Daniel. P.Dykes wrote an article recently HERE that talked of the “curated wardrobe” being the new style.

Is this what happens when you can have everything?

“Curation is refinement. Refinement is a skill… we must cull from our wardrobe removing from it all that looks average. We must become our own curators.”

I am leaving for Europe in a few weeks.


This means simplified wardrobe has to happen NOW.

I will be overseas for two months, returning in October to launch en bloc.

Two months in one suitcase…

Maybe I could just take one dress?

Sheena Matheiken did for 365 days to raise money to send children to school.

She mixed it up with donated and second hand finds…

See all her cute outfits in The Uniform Project

That requires a lot of brainpower though…

Too much for me at the present time.

Next option:

Simplifying your wardrobe, I believe, is a little like visiting a shrink.

To do it properly you have to reassess yourself.

You no longer ask “what is everyone else wearing?”

Instead you ask “what suits me?”

Do you dress strongly? In bright colours? How does that make you feel? Do you WANT to feel that way?

I mean, this is amazing, but could I really pull it off? What about on a tired day? And where do you buy that many rubics cubes from these days?

I sometimes like dressing up in structured clothing but, in the end, feel like I’m just pretending to be someone else.

I feel at home in skirts and blouses. I like neutral colours, soft flowing fabric, but simple lines and nothing too frilly. I spent a lot of my youth doing athletics, gymnastics and thinking of myself as boyish and strong. I hated not feeling pretty and feminine and this has shaped my decision to stay away from strong, masculine clothing. (Being chased around the primary school yard being called “boy” because I’d cut my hair short at age 8 is not something I’d like to relive ).

Your own personal style is dictated by everything you have ever experienced. It is an expression of you. It is what people first see and first judge. It can project your interest in film, art, music, sport.

I believe at the moment I look like I only like period dramas, antiques and knitting.

(The above is true, but it’s not quite the look I am going for which is why the wardrobe needs a little rehash)

Break it down. Reassess.

There was a pictures in The Sartorialist that showed two sisters:

To me they are naturally stunning and I can see people being so comfortable around them.

I would like my new simplified wardrobe to have a similar feel. Approachable. Kind. Natural. Simple and seemingly effortless.

Kind of the opposite to some of Victoria Beckham’s looks which, for one, I don’t believe you can sit down in and, if you were a little lost and thought you might ask her for direction, you might get kicked with an almighty silver heel for your trouble.

If you could start from scratch, what would your wardrobe style be? Would you rebuy all the items you see there? Or have you realised, as I have, that a lot of what you’ve bought has been a waste of money, resources and space?

Time to have a little rethink me thinks.


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. It’s such a difficult thing to simplify a wardrobe. I remember reading about a woman who decided to go completely white. But green may be a little tricky… Ha – maybe ‘green’ is the go! Its all pleasantly inspiring – thanks Kat x

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