First glimpse

First Collection!

So I got my first collection back from the manufacturers.

I spent a couple of days in a weird shock. In some ways I didn’t know what I thought of my collection. A part of me was so afraid of judgement that it took until yesterday to show even my housemates.

There are mistakes.

There are button holes that need to be moved 0.5cm.

I need to take some gathers out of the dress, it’s a little baggy.

I need to change the buttons on the skirt so they don’t sit out.

I knew there would be changes I would need to make before I put the collection to production. That is what these samples are. They are the road testers. I hope to try them on many different people. I want to wash them. Wear them. Make sure they are the right size and fit before I start selling them.

Do you want to come help? It sort of seems like dress ups.

It feels very odd. I feel very exposed at the moment, waiting for people’s reactions. It is especially hard as, for me, there are the changes to be made so I feel I’m not showing the product as ‘perfect’ (although there never will be a perfect)

I photograph them on the marvelous Lea Wearne tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek of a few of the garments as I ironed them today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apparently (according to one highly talented and supportive Nicola Skill) the collection needs a name.

I had thoughts of something along the lines of ‘the seedling collection’ as it will hopefully grow from here, but there is the brand called Seed which might be too close of a name?

Any ideas?

I’ll ask again after I put proper photos up!


6 thoughts on “First glimpse

  1. Everything looks superb! I’m sure it will all be stunning (not to mention comfortable!) once you’ve made the final adjustments 🙂

    • Definitely hoping for comfort! One of the criteria was that you’re able to curl up in an armchair in front of a fire and read in these clothes… always super important!

  2. Ooh ooh, I like naming games – The pictures remind me of the French countryside for some reason, and seed in French is ‘pepin’ (masculine, and an accent on the e), which is a bit cute… The samples are just beautiful Kat!

    • Pepin is very cute! En bloc is French too so the whole thing fits together well. Funny- French countryside with straw hats and leather sandals was pretty much my inspiration board so that’s awesome that you see it : ) xx

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