Rooftop Adventures

So today we took to the rooftops.

As everyone is flat out at the moment we tried to do the quickest photoshoot ever. With just a few hours I rapidly watched YouTube videos to learn how to french braid, dressed up my always marvelous model and scrambled to photographer Katie Breckon’s house. After a forecast of cloud and possible rain we had delayed our photoshoot to allow for a better light. As we stepped out for our first photo – so did the sun.


So Lea did her model thing, Katie did her photograph thing and I bumbled around giving vague directions and holding the reflector in the wrong position.

I did manage to take some “on the scene” shots though:

The actual shots will be up soon!

– As a side note: numerous amounts of people have been teaching me Photoshop lately and I’ve taken their skills and advice and have fixed up many of my lookbook shots! I’ll pop them up tomorrow.


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