The stress of printing (see my lookbook)

So the wifi in Ibiza was a little slow. I couldn’t get the pictures to upload. I wrote this a week ago… Better late than never?

I got to the airport today and everything steadied.
I ran around like a loony yesterday getting my look book printed. I am now taking some photos of them on a horridly ugly 70s inspired airport chair. Printing is stressful. The colours can change dramatically depending on the printer, the screen never is the same as the print colour. Such a mind field and I was very lucky to have a sister helping me and keeping me calm.
This airport makes me calm. I’m sure if it is the comfort that I have with travel or simply that, whilst here, you can do nothing but wait.
My plane departs in an hour (although by the time I publish this I should be in Europe)
I don’t have the urge to shop apart from getting a coffee and mineral water from Shannon Bennett’s Cafe Vue. I had thoughts of trying the food out of interest, but the ‘plane boxes’ on display looked at least a week old and the Birchers museli in one had milk dribbling out of it and and looked just gross. I decided against spending $18 on a meal that looked worse than free plane food.
$5.30 for a small mineral water though… I’d forgotten about that.
So I sit and wait. And time passes slowly.
It is funny urging time to go faster. After months of feeling like I had a million things to do (I still have a million things to do) I am now in a position where I can only sit.
With creative pursuits, particularly when they are self driven, there is always something more that you could do.
I could always double check a pattern, create another, change the fabric, research more fabrics, trial something else, try a toile on more people, perfect the fit, change the colour. The possibilities are endless.
If I got bored of the sewing side I could even create a marketing plan (as I have very little planned for how to go about this when I get home)
Here in the airport I am free of all that. I can’t seem to get connected to any wifi so I can’t research or email.
In the midst of the airport buzz – people running around, coming and going – there is a heavy calm that has settled over me as I sit by myself and with myself. It’s going to be just myself and I for the next week.
I think it is. I’m just beaching myself for a week. I’m feeling strangely stressed at having nothing to do …. But I’m sure it will pass.

Here is a glimpse of the printing:







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