The greater plan


Everyone has a greater plan. I’ve come to this conclusion after quite a philosophical week. A while ago my reiki teacher (maybe don’t ask) sent an email about meditation and the problems of quietening a mind that is constantly a problem solver.

It is there to solve problems. It is its greatest power, but also, when idle, can be its own nemesis.
Constantly asking, ‘how can I do this better?’ ‘How can I make this easier?’ ‘How can I be happier?’
Next comes the what- ifs. ‘What if I could fly like a bird?’ ‘What if we could harness the sun’s power?’ ‘What if we could go the other way around the world?’

The more destructive thinking usually come when the problems are not so present. When everything is chugging along quite well and you think ‘how can I be happier?’ The what-ifs suddenly become ‘what if I quit my job? (that I think I may be quite happy in)?’ ‘What if I didn’t have a baby?’ ‘What if he cheated and left?’ ‘What if I ended up childless, friendless, old and alone?’

So everyone constantly works on their greater plan. Yes, it might be to save up enough to be content in retirement. It could be to have a family and kids and grandkids and be able to support them all. It may be to travel the world. It may be to survive without materialistic values. It may be to help the poor, or the sick, or change the way the world is run.

My greater plan is to garden.


en bloc is being set up so that all fabrics used will be biodegradable. At the moment it is not perfect. There are buttons and zips that will need to be removed. But when 15 to 30 percent of the fabrics are wasted during the cutting phase, it is very important for me that they not simply be thrown out.

The paper and cardboard used for the pattern making phase is also to be composted.

Composting is completely underrated and something we desperately need to reevaluate. The Mayans were able to support huge amounts of crops in almost infertile rainforest areas due to towers of collected compost. (Only 12.5% of cleared rainforest area is fertile, one of the problems of knocking it down for agriculture)
Anything biodegradable (including your wonderful biodegradable coffee cup) will simply turn to methane if thrown in with all the rubbish.
You need to compost it.
People are pulling out tonnes and tonnes of newspaper out of landfills (even back to the 1930s) as with no light, moisture or air getting to them they are just remaining.
You need to compost them or recycle them.
I get excited about composting.

At the moment, while things are being set up and sorted, the composting will be done at my parent’s farm. I need to monitor and test things for a while to be absolutely sure things are breaking down as they should.

Eventually the label will set up a community gardening project in Melbourne so that the fabrics and waste are directly put back into the production of free food.

I have an issue with the modern idea that food can only be found inside a supermarket.
I don’t like supermarkets at all really.
I have been wandering and cycling around Suffolk for weeks picking apples and blackberries off the sides of the road. I look at nettles and think ‘yum. Soup.’ I look at sloe berries and dream about gin. We eat Diana’s amazing bramble jelly on toast for breakfast. In France the fig trees were bursting, the grapes were growing…

I have dreams of being able to wander around parks and being able to pick pears and plums, the occasional pumpkin and a handful of herbs. Who cares if, instead of people, birds eat them? Who cares if some fruit drops to the ground? The city would have birds and the ground would have nutrition to grow more. The parks would have apple blossom.

In the midst of that, I would like to live. That is my greater plan and my problem solving brain is working on it currently.

I found this pheasant hiding in the garden at Harewood House in Yorkshire. They’re everywhere around Suffolk as people are breeding them madly for shooting season, but I’d never seen one so determined that it hadn’t been spotted.


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