Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness seem to be rare.

With Christmas becoming more and more of a stressful event due to my serious lack of funds, I was discussing yesterday the beauty of the surprise present. How much more meaningful and special a present that doesn’t arrive on an expected day and carries the thought ‘just because I was thinking of you’.

Last night I went to a theatre/dinner.

The term theatre/dinner seems to me to conjure up terrible images of cabaret, poor costumes and strange comedy, but this was different to anything I had imagined.

I didn’t attend as a guest, rather as a helper for AisforAtlas theatre company. I did costume design for them last year and, as they are such a fantastic group, am always willing to help out.

I wore a black and white spotted dress with a red tulip print up one side. I had bought it in Hunter Gatherer on Brunswick St a while ago. I had Thomas shopping with me and out of the dresses that I tried on he liked “all of them, expect the one that looks like it has tomatoes growing up the side”.

(Needless to say, we bought the Tomato Dress)


Whilst filling water glasses and wine glasses at the performance I was complimented on my dress and I told the story of its purchase.

The evening progressed with dinner mixed with beautifully intimate performances. Stories of childhood, living, home all done by the amazingly talented Neda accompanied by her partner Mars.

One story was of how Neda, a musician/dancer/performer, during her travels developed the idea of (e)motion sickness bags.
She would write a love letter to an unassuming fellow passenger, address it to his seat number and give it to the flight attendant.
Nothing flirtatious, just lovely and kind.

She offered a motion sickness bag to the table for a volunteer to write one for a fellow guest.

I was the lucky receiver of the letter.


It read:

Dear Tomato Dress Lady,

Majestic in your beauty and your carriage.
Stunningly gorgeous in all aspects, a unique flower to be admired.
I am your willing servant, willing to lay down my life to ensure your safe transport through life.
My dream would be to meet you by chance at the next CHOGM – me in my weird garb.
My undying love and admiration.

Obviously I went completely red and giggly at all that.
So silly being written on a spew bag, so unexpected and so amazingly flattering.

The whole night was filled with such kindness and warmth that I left feeling very privileged to have been part of it all. The amazing warehouse conversion which was the performers home, the fantastic dinner that was prepared, the dancing, the music, the stories.

If you go, be prepared to meet some of the most generous and warmhearted people possible.

The performance ‘Cherry cherry’ ends on the 10th of December.
Go to http://www.aisforatlas.org.au/ for more details.

I am now feeling the need to perform my own random act of kindness…


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