Great minds…?

In May I posted this picture on Facebook.

I had sent the images off to Spoonflower who had printed them onto organic cotton sateen. I had desperately wanted to use them, but was unsure about copyright etc. They’re old Victorian horticulture prints and I think the style is just so beautiful. I decided I’d contact the Royal Horticultural Society later. It was all a little too much for Collection One. Prints would wait until Collection Two.

Now I love Dries Van Noten. I read an interview with him last year and fell a little bit in love with him as he described frantically making jam when stressed.

This is his Spring/Summer 2012 Collection:

My prints! A bit bigger, but…

I’m hoping this is a case of great minds…

Maybe I’ll have to make some hydrangea prints instead… The colours are very beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Great minds…?

  1. If you are looking for fabric print ideas, check out old tapestries. Lots of beautiful books available showing tapestries over the ages, woven or knotted in pure wool. Magnificent designs. Is there copyright on mediaeval flowers?

    • Thanks Margie. Technically there shouldn’t be copyrights on images from over 50 years from artist’s death, but the books in which you get the prints from are copyrighted so I just need to double check that it’s ok. I do adore old tapestries – old upholstery fabrics and wallpapers too!

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