Starting anew

Just finished a confusingly philosophical phone conversation with a good friend.

The reason I state it was confusing is that, now that it’s over, I’m not sure what was really talked about, nor what the points made were.

The reason I state it was philosophical is that it was about life, the point of what we do, etc and we got no answers from it.

Philosophy tends to do that. Simply creates more questions.

My friend is a musician, a very talented one I believe, but seems unsure of its worth.

I am always questioning the worth of what I do.

I am currently reading Shop Craft as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford.

It is a mechanic/philosopher’s view of the world and very sweet. It is currently making me want to take apart all machines at our farm.

I may be in quite a bit of trouble when mother gets back.

There’s a quote at the start of the book from Kojève which says:

“the man who works recognizes his own product in the World that has actually been transformed by his work: he recognizes himself in it, he sees in it his own human reality, in it he discovers and reveals to others the objective reality of his humanity, of the originally abstract and purely subjective idea he had of himself.”

If you craft something with your own hands; build a house, make a table, mould a pot, it stands before you as a symbol of your worth. There is no need for you to say or boast about being able, it is there for people to see.

It feels slightly more abstract to place that idea with a song or a design, but I think the sentiment is the same, particularly if you play the instrument, or partake in the construction of the design.

For this reason I am loathe to allow someone else to do my patternmaking. I feel I need to construct my sketches and ideas myself. It would be a lot quicker to get someone more experienced to help, but it would feel less mine.

(I think too that sometimes the best ideas come whilst constructing – usually through making a lucky mistake)

It is also the scary thing about creation. If you feel that your worth is symbolised in what you create, you want to create something amazing. I suppose that is why we keep trying, never happy enough with the last one, never wanting that to symbolise the best of us.

So today I have started a new collection…

…and it’s menswear.

Out has come the Winifred Aldrich books about drawing up mens’ blocks and I’m away!

I will have toiles for all you man friends to try on in the coming weeks. I am very excited about it all…

…but WAIT, you say. Hold on! What about Collection One?


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