Moving On

So what happens to Collection One?

Collection One has been the greatest learning experience. It has taken time and money to put together, but the act of it has taught me so much.

You learn the balancing act of creativity and business.

At the start there are so many ideas flowing and you want to make everything.

Then you look at your available fabrics (and there are limited ones you can use if you want to be environmentally conscious) and these fabrics change what you can and can’t make.

You constantly check the price of what you are creating.

You stress over the shape, the colour, the fit, the buttons, the fusing, the cost, the consumer, the buyer….

                                                             Collection One Blouse and Skirt

But what Collection One taught me was that you need to make decisions. Firm decisions that you follow through with. They get adapted along the way anyway, but they have to be laid down to begin with.

So I’ve made a new decision.

Collection One will remain a learning curve.

I am moving to London in February. My visa application flew away on Friday.

Collection One was made for a transeasonal Melbourne. When I was in France in September, I wore my samples a lot. When it got to late October in the UK, I stopped. The fabrics are wrong for European winter and the cuts not ideal for layering. They are also not really a Summer collection. I would have to do a lot of editing of the collection to make it suitable for Europe and, like it seems to be in many cases, it feels easier to start again then to edit.

I am considering doing a few extra sample sizes of the Collection One garments before I head off just to use up any fabrics I still have, but it will depend on how much spare time I find myself with over the next month.

So – whilst sad the first collection will not make it to market – exciting menswear ahead!

                                                             Collection One Singlet and Pant

Photos by Katie Breckon.

Model: Lea Wearne

Full Lookbook can be viewed HERE


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