An Edible Christmas

Yesterday I spent a beautiful day with the family – an Australian white Christmas even.

To make it even sweeter, this year there was no stressful shopping beforehand. No last minute rush of, “I have to buy something and I can’t find anything!” No token present were bought just for the sake of having to give something.

Rules: If you haven’t made it, you can’t give it.

So the lead up to Christmas was spent in the kitchen.

Chutneys, jams, gingerbread men made into a family portrait

Biscuits, nougat, panne forte, carrot cake cupcakes.

I did buy one thing that broke the rules. I bought a Hook Turn cup for each of the family members to make sure no one uses a paper coffee cup ever again. I bought them from Small Block on Lygon St, who are lovely people, make great coffee, and stock these cute things.

I was in Giant Steps in Healesville last week and I was told by the barrister that mine won the-coolest-takeaway-cup-ever.

Merry Christmas all and I hope you all have safe and happy holidays.


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