So I am packing.

Most of my wardrobe is on my floor and the rest of it is piled into the boot of my mother’s car, waiting to be taken to charity shops to be given away.

The questions that have cycled through my head the past couple of weeks are:

How do I have so much “stuff”?


What do I actually need?

I saw a TED.COM video today that summed up quite a lot of my feelings.

It also touches on a subject that I blogged about a while ago – SIMPLICITY.

My first blog I wrote before taking a holiday. I simplified a little. Threw a few things out.

This time the move is more permanent. I now look at my year 12 art books and, although that small sentimental pang still niggles away, I sigh and decide I have no use for them.

It is just stuff.

I have boxes of sentimentality sitting at my parent’s house. Boxes I haven’t touched in years and no longer have I any idea what they contain.

The problem is that when you finally get around to opening them (with every intention of throwing the contents away) you suddenly see that dress that you wore to that one dinner when you were 12. The emotions caught up with that memory get you giggling and you decide that you could definitely “do something with it.”

Books, old instruments, shoes, school books, presents that I’ve kept due to a guilty conscience of never liking them, half empty makeup bottles, scarves, material scraps that I’ll (again) “do something with.”

It adds clutter to a space which in turn makes my brain work harder in order to filter out all the unnecessary things.

Where is the white space?

This desire to “declutter” has infiltrated other parts of my life. Particularly technology.

My UK phone only messages and calls. I no longer want my iPhone that shows me everything all the time. I want to talk rather than email and if I am at lunch then I will be unavailable.

I am obviously not the only one having these thoughts. I was recently told about John’s Phone

It can’t even message!

I think when you’re reassessing your life. Moving. In transit. You go back to the basics and work out what really is important.

I heard someone say once that the only things that matter are not matter.

I’m off to give away all the matter I own.

It will be winter in a week’s time… I love these beautiful colours by Childe Hassam.


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