Point to Point

So this a little bit of a different post.

I have recently bought a new camera and have been experimenting with its video capacity.

I only currently have one lens, no ability to zoom and need to purchase a tripod, but I am having fun.

Very roughly put the clips together. I’ve since learnt to edit a little so the following videos I hope will be better.

I went to the Marks Tey Point to Point in Suffolk on Sunday.

The following video is just for my amusement. I liked the tweeds and the boots, bags and binoculars that the Suffolk spectators had.

Suffolk Point to Point

Sorry about the slightly hick music….


3 thoughts on “Point to Point

  1. Hi Kat, loved your video! I meant to contact you sooner and say that I really enjoyed your “what’s in a word” post as well! Hope all is working out fantastically for you. Take care, Di

    • Thank you my dear. The videos are set to improve! Hope you are really well. I saw you liked the Honesty post. Maybe you picked up that it was written with our conversation in mind? Hope all is well with you xx

      • Lovely to hear from you and I love your new cottage. I hope you have many wonderful days there. All’s well here – have just launched a new website for the business so that’s been keeping me busy. Happy Spring & Summer to you. Di x

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