A cottage in the countryside

So where am I?

I’ve been travelling for the past couple of months and, since determined that this would not fall into being a travel diary, have been quite quiet on the blogging front.

I have now settled down and for the next month will be focused solely on design.

It is (and I would have to add quite inconveniently) Easter this weekend so I am still waiting on paper and cardboard and the like to be delivered. By the way – as I was so sagely advised by the woman who runs suffolksewingschool.co.uk – Morplan in London deliver anywhere in the UK and, unless it’s a small or express order, delivered free! My nightmares of trying to get through Liverpool Street Station onto the train to Suffolk with a huge roll of paper, a huge roll of cardboard, two suitcases and two bags did not become reality. Even without the card and paper the taxi driver shook his head at the luggage I had and said the only way I was getting my baggage on the train was if I stood looking pathetic and waited for a Prince Charming.

I proved him completely wrong and have lugged my life up to Suffolk.

I have now spent the last couple of days  exploring my new abode.

The original idea was Wales. When I realised the place I was looking at was not quite suitable I went into complete panic as I had less than week to organise somewhere new.

I escaped to Suffolk to think about the next move when, during dinner with some friends, the prospect of the cottage down the road popped up.

The “cottage down the road” is more than I could have ever expected. With three bedrooms and a garden, a conservatory, a dining room table, a piano, an Aga; it is just magical. A dear friend has loaned me a car and I keep catching myself at odd times just grinning stupidly with wonder at how I am so lucky.

I spent yesterday buying herbs and making jam and washing windows. I even made my first attempt at nettle soup (well they’re everywhere so you should do something with them!)

Can’t wait for all the equipment to arrive. Beautiful places lead to beautiful creations… well that’s the hope anyway… In the meantime I’m working on prints and caramelising onions.


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