Diss Auctions


This afternoon – after my previous blog and being told I needed “to get out more” I went to the Diss Auctions.

The actual auctions weren’t on today. I went to the viewing. There are three large rooms filled with boxes of things and yards full of farm and garden objects.

Each item or box is numbered and there are little booklets around to let you know the exact description and the guide price of each item.

I wandered around and made notes and eventually, for the first time ever, I went and made a bid.

I could have chosen to go tomorrow and stand around and put my hand up and actually participate in the auction, but I’m not yet sure that I have the restraint to be able to control myself under those situations. So I am going very slowly and cautiously.

I bid on mundane kitchen items and an old Georgian elm coffer. I saw an old weaving machine which I had a strange yearning to bid on, but I very cleverly restrained myself and am now very glad. I will never ever weave anything of use and would waste my time and limited patience if I ever tried.

It did look pretty though.

As it is, I feel a faint excitement as if I’ve gambled something, even though I will not actually be winning anything, rather simply having the chance to buy it.

But speaking to a local about the auctions, I’ve realised just how important they are to people.

Yes, there are those wandering around with magnifying glasses looking for collectables but, in reality, it is so much more. Where I am has almost no boutique shops. The nearest towns have a post office and somewhere to buy milk. The larger towns have a big Tesco supermarket that sells everything.

I was bidding on the mundane – a kettle, pots, cups and saucers – but, in the end (when I finally settle into a place) my other options would be: buy cheap hideous items from a huge supermarket or search through London stores for a hideously expensive ones.

If you want decent priced items that have some sort of individuality to them, the auctions are the best place to find them. And I am going to love my pots and saucers. Because they are beautiful and unique and everyone won’t have the same ones.

It’s like going to a second hand store for clothes.

And a lot of the time the craftsmanship of the items is just so exquisite… and I think I’m just making an excuse to put up my photos as I think some of them from today are quite lovely.


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