A love of Beardsley

I have never been so excited walking out of a secondhand bookstore.

I suppose finding the complete works of Bernard Shaw a few years ago was probably pretty high up there, but today just seemed marvellous.

I went in with vague hopes of finding some pictures of the 1920s/1950s to help me draw some lovely looking people for my new branding.

I’m wanting both the men’s and women’s to have slightly different labels and I want them to be little pictures. I’d been doodling with the Wien postcards in mind, but then the other night had a bit of an experiment in a different style.

I tried with small lines and dots to see if I could make something quite ‘print’ like.

I also tried a girl but, apart from her hat, I don’t like her much.

I was trying to decide whether I liked the style or not and whether I wanted to experiment further when I found….

…a whole book of Beardsley.

I love him. Love, love, love him and I love the dots and the lines and I want to draw like him.

I feel like a small child that has just discovered chocolate cake.

It is just so good.

It’s the aesthetic I want for my label pictures and I really, really want it.

Now I just need to learn how to draw like that…


2 thoughts on “A love of Beardsley

  1. Oh Kat, you make me miss the UK, first talk of dandies and the awesome Oscar Wilde and now Beardsley! His prints make my heart soar too. I wonder, have you read A.S.Byatt’s “The Children’s Book”? So beautifully evocative of the Arts and Crafts era; I am sure you would love it. Keep up the lovely work, lovely lady.

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