Pattern Results

In a previous post I showed an image of a design I’d played around with.

A few days ago I got the results.

I also tried a little on an organic cotton interlock knit to see what it would do.

I even trialled an unedited photo that I took with my iphone just to have a look at quality.

I experimented with the size of the print and this is a silk.

And then I made one huge print to see what the black background would come out as.

None of these will be “the prints”, but it’s good to know what things will look like, as staring at a computer screen for hours sometimes doesn’t help…


4 thoughts on “Pattern Results

  1. Hi Kat, the prints look fab! Just curious though, are you using digital printing to do the prints on fabric or traditional screen printing? Either way, they look amazing. Interesting discussion on the forestry discussion, too. Take care, Di x

    • Hi Di,
      It’s digital printing. I’ve had the tests done with as they have a couple of organic cotton options included so you just order it all together and I’m sourcing my organic cotton from the US anyway at the moment so may as well. So glad you like them! Xx

      • Thanks for letting me know. When I was in Kenya recently I was introduced to a guy who had set up a new business in Nakuru (where the clothes are made) that did digital printing on cloth. You are opening my eyes to possibilities within Africa!!! Not sure about the organic side of things but at least it’s local. Thanks again, take care, x

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