Bikinis, Monokinis and Truffle Oil

Yesterday I thought about dieting.

And then I thought about truffle oil.

And then followed thoughts of homemade pasta stuffed with porcini and shallots with extra truffle soaked mushrooms, goats cheese, parmesan, chilli and rocket.

Thoughts gave way to lunch and I added an extra dollop of butter to the sautéing mushrooms for good measure.

Why the thoughts in the first place?

Well, it’s approaching summer here and clothes are minimising (first day today without stockings!) and eventually there may be a chance I may visit a stoney beach.

But, after lunch, as I lay on the lawn in the sunshine, I think this through and come to the conclusion that it’s not me. It’s them. There simply aren’t many flattering bathers and bikinis available.


Does this shop really sell 350 different styles in THIS aesthetic? (I have debated with myself for quite some time now as to whether to include this image as it offends me so greatly and I’m not sure I want it on my blog…)

What happened to this look?

In my opinion I believe the French and Spanish women have the right idea going topless. It definitely beats the weird triangles we put on that neither enhance nor hide.


I kind of want to spend summer in Rudi Gernreich’s topless bathers from the 70s, but I might be a little shocking to the English… I’m not exactly Jerry Hall…


But few of us are. I tried finding high waisted 1950s style bathers around Christmas time, but none were the right shape.

I’m kind of for sculpting and flattering or simply going without anything.


Maybe it’s time I made bathers…


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