Morning Blouse

This morning I made a blouse.

It was just to see shape etc and to play around with how short I can make the front and how long I can make the back.

The fabric is an old sheet that I bought from the Woodbridge op shop yesterday.

I’m going to have to either find a model or a photographer though… I can’t seem to take a decent picture of myself…

I’m trying to think of them as artistic…


One thought on “Morning Blouse

  1. Hi lovely Kat, I love the blouse; always been a big fan of remodelling old sheets. They’re just so soft.
    Here’s an idea for you: buy a remote shutter release for your digital camera. Like this:
    Not too expensive and you can take a pretty good picture of your lovely self without having to bug around with timers 🙂
    Keep the beautiful blogging going, enjoying it immensley!
    I’m over at:
    and I have a new project that I think you may like at:
    Big hugs

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