The Great Debate

Over dinner last night a casual “Where do you stand on global warming?” was thrown across the table.

Curiously I tried to clarify what the aim of this question was. Was it asking whether we believed in it? Or what we were doing about it?

The answer from across the table was a quip about feeling guilty every time the throttle on his Ducati was opened, but no, he didn’t believe.

I had been in my own little bubble that believed that most people simply took the idea that the world was warming as true.

No debate over global warming. Yes the world is getting hotter and the icecaps are melting and the sea level is rising.

The details of this; how much and how fast and how much of this has to do with humans, is a debate that I can understand, but I think is also a futile debate.

In the end I think “global warming” has given us the chance to improve on our systems. In times of comfort people simply put up with systems that may eventually fail but don’t need immediate improvement. In times of stress and crisis the human race is capable of a lot more. War, for example, despite also showing our worst and most inhumane side, has lead to incredible leaps in science and medical inventions.

So I don’t care if “global warming” is true. I don’t care whether it is caused by humans.

We have unsustainable, failing systems. We have huge amounts of social inequality and the way we view our place within the natural world is very warped. And we can do so much better.

So why debate? Just do something.


4 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. I live by a dead lake. As a kid I watch the factories drop chemical and poison into it. Been 20 years since the factories were closed down. Too late for the wild life and the lake. The Great Lakes in Michigan are being abused still. I wonder how man can’t realize. Water is the key to life. We best take care of nature. One day her resources will be gone. Then what? A great blog. Open the door to a great debate.

    • Thank you for reading lovely. I do think there is a very big difference between “man” as a group behaviour and man as an individual. Man as a group often feels powerless and I’m hoping that soon there will be enough individuals calling for change that the group behaviour will adapt to follow suit. Still – maybe naively – hoping that it won’t be too late.

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