Who has their finger on the pulse?


I met with the lovely Charlie Ross from http://www.offsetwarehouse.com yesterday.

She sells ethical and eco fabrics so, if you wish to talk textiles, she is your woman.

Chatting away about the fashion industry and what I would term “intelligent design” (design that intelligently analyses all of the effects that the product will have in its making, its use and its end) I remarked on something – I forget what – that was positive about Australia.

Charlie replied that she thought Australia might have a better understanding of environmental fashion and environment in general than the UK.

I always believed the UK to be more forward thinking in this regard.

I also thought the French had, comparatively, a more compassionate attitude to the environment until I spoke to a French girl the other day who believed they were further behind than anyone else.

If we all think that everyone else is doing a better job than us, then who actually is?

Is it Germany? Scandinavia?

On a nice note: I met Charlie in Daylesford Organics where I bought some nice little goodies to cook with.


Yum! It also is one of the few places I have found that actually sell decent rye bread.


Daylesford Organics is Soil Association Accredited

44B Pimlico Road, Belgravia, London SW1W 8LP





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