A Great Man

So last night I put a tiny bit of money towards an old school friend’s movie she is trying to make.

The Australian film industry desperately needs more independent films coming through and I’m pretty much broke, but wanted to help.

To generalise, Australian films either fall into the ridiculous mockery – The Dish, The Castle, Kenny, etc – which are very funny, but I don’t feel really reflects any of my daily life in Australia. Or it is a horror/crime film like Wolf Creek or Animal Kingdom which, again, I have (thankfully!) no experience of.

I have to admit that one of my favourite films is Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock but, apart from that, I’m not really a fan of what we have so far created.

I like the simplicity of the idea behind this film, A Great Man. The small snapshot of a certain time and being young and wanting more.

I want it to be made and I want to watch it.

They have only a few days left to make up the rest of their budget so any donations would be amazing.

As I said, I wasn’t able to give much, but I’m working two days a week currently on minimum wage here in the UK so my entire 9 hour day, which makes up half of my weekly income, went towards this project.

Have I guilted you in to donating yet?? Have I?

Follow this link to donate.

And whilst on films; I went to Snape Maltings two days ago to wander with the dog. It was so windy and the reeds moved like waves in the ocean and it was so pretty that I tried to capture it on film.

Filming, and particularly editing, are still works in progress for me. I endeavour to improve!


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