Why it’s the 1930’s turn

I have spent the last six months obsessing over the 1930s.

Much of what I am designing references it.

To those who I’ve been raving about the 1970s gypsies to, this statement may seem a little confusing.

But, because of the way that fashion cycles, this is really not so strange.

Forty years after the 30s, the 1970s had a “Nostalgia” era. Bonnie & Clyde were immortalised in cinema in 1967 and this, combined with the release of The Great Gatsby in 1974, the 70s were filled with fashion references to the 1920s and 30s – at least until later in the 70s when the hippy look really started taking over.

I feel it is only fitting that, as another 40 years has passed, that we should bring back the 30s again. We even have a new version of the Great Gatsby to give us the 1920’s lead up.

To begin showing you beauty of the time, here is a video of what I hope to be my new winter sport:

And, if that isn’t cool enough for you, I would LOVE to have a go in one of these. I want to build one!

So now we are all convinced that the 1930s looks beautiful – aesthetically only; we will forget the depression and the impending world war and all the rest – let us all dress like Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn out of such films like “Holiday”.


2 thoughts on “Why it’s the 1930’s turn

  1. Fantastic clips here. Some rare footage too! I’ve been looking at 30’s racing for inspiration. Very brave men and women!

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