Storage and Settling


So I’ve been buying furniture.

I had a moment where I wandered into an antique store and I had an overwhelming desire to organise my life into boxes.

Not cardboard boxes.

Pretty boxes.

So I’ve been on a mission to buy beautiful old tool boxes and escritoires to organise all my sewing gadgets in.

Old oak toolbox

(The only thing I didn’t realise was that I had to trudge across snow covered fields with my new purchases because, at the time of buying them, I was too scared to drive anywhere on the snow covered roads. But there was something wonderfully poetic about trudging through the fields of England with an old wooden suitcase in one hand and brown paper package under the other arm.)

But this means that I am settling. After almost a year of swanning around Europe and wandering around the English countryside I have finally got my act together and I am really enjoying what I am working on and am able to focus and I am ready to settle and (finally) move my things from the numerous cardboard boxes and suitcases (yes, I am still living out of suitcases) and into proper furniture.

Time for stage two.

Sewing Box


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