Bordeaux again

bordeaux en bloc

The last time I was in Bordeaux was  late 2011.

My ma had been there a month doing a French language course and dad and I went to meet her at the end of her stay.


We stayed very centrally and spent most of our time wandering around town eating icecream and drinking coffee.

What struck me about Bordeaux was the colours.

I fell in love with the sandstone and the blue of the buildings.

As I’ve returned to Bordeaux for the week, so has my intrigue in the colours.

I designed a collection last time I was here, all based on the grey blue and the sand colours.


There were cropped skinny trousers in heavy textured, almost upholstery material, long blue grey silk blouses, long heavy knit cardigans with big pockets.

I left Bordeaux and got inspired by other cities and other sights and forgot about the Bordeaux collection, but when I look back at it I still want to create it, it hasn’t gone out of style or “fashion”.

I suppose that it the joy of not creating garments for current trends.

That the ideas can simply wait.


I will try and find my old photos from my last trip, which are on my hard drive at home, and update these later. They showed my colour ideas better as I had more time wandering. 


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