So I’ve been drawing.

This is my first foray into pen drawings and into animal & plants.

I’ve always done people and usually in paint. Could draw a person, but not the chair they were sitting on.

So I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the last month’s work. Funnily enough, I tried to draw a portrait of someone the other day and it was terrible!  

So maybe I’m switching rather than gaining talents…


Andrew Peacock who now resides at our farm


bodice embroidery inspired by the farm’s hedge rose


probably a dud


starting a collar


finishing a collar


my pea collar


latest collar with dragonfly

And finally something completely unrelated – a drawing of a boy I was thinking about the other day.

We were following my sister’s orchestra on tour through Russia and were crossing the border to Estonia.

The border crossing took a while due to the inspection of the buses and making sure there were no fugitives in the double bass  cases.

As we were standing out in the cold a boy of about 8 came up to me holding out his hands. It was cold and dark and I was eating peanuts.

He said something that I didn’t understand and I handed him my peanuts and tried to smile.

He looked disgusted at what I’d just handed him and walked off.

I was a bit confused, but the Russian lady who was leading our tour enlightened me to the fact that he was asking for cigarettes.


Little Russian beggar boy

So that’s my story for the day.

Back to drawing.


One thought on “Embroidery

  1. Is Andrew Peacock watching out for John Hen-ard? That was mean of you not to give the boy some cigarettes. We had a guy at work who said as a joke, ‘you bring the chips and dips for the meeting, I’ll bring the alcohol and cigarettes!’

    They are gorgeous drawings..

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