Family Sprouts

I can’t explain how much I love my family.

They are the reason that I am who I am and why I am able to do what I do.

I consider myself to have a very large ‘family’.

It holds my real family, but also my closest friends from around the world. I have ‘brothers’, ‘mothers’, ‘fathers’, ‘aunties’ who are no blood connection, but who I completely adore. I even have a ‘wife’.

They support me, listen to all my random rantings, make me laugh til I cry and I love them all to bits.


Last week my real, real family showed a bit of their amazingness.

They officially launched THE HAMER SPROUT FUND which is run by the younger generation of the Hamer clan and is an offshoot of the Hamer Family Fund.

The original Hamer Family Fund was set up to honour past family members who valued environment and the arts and gives grants every year to these areas.

The Sprouts are my siblings, cousins and second cousins and the opening fundraising dinner was at the Northcote Town Hall on the 21st of June with around 200 people in attendance.

The opening speech explained that:

…our surrounds should be beautiful and good for the soul of our community. The Hamer Sprout Fund is going to support organisations and projects that give the environment that deference. We want to help re-establish the notion that protecting the environment is a normal, human thing to do, supported by rational people.
That is why we are dedicated to building communities inspired to take action for a sustainable future.

That my family is being so active in such a beautiful and positive way makes me so proud even just to be related.

You can see more about the fund at


They are looking for really great community projects to support so go apply before the 30th of September.

Otherwise if you simply wish to support then you can donate through the site too.


2 thoughts on “Family Sprouts

  1. They talk about economic ‘green shoots’. Environmental green shoots are definitely something to look forward to. I miss the Hamer family. The other of my crazy extended family is coming this week. (Well, good crazy)..

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