Cushion Making (The Beginning)

Yesterday I had some visitors to the studio.

Steve and Salim came over for some sewing lessons and cushion making.

cushions 2 LFP

I had spent an hour with Salim some weeks ago at The Living Furniture Project‘s workshop and Steve had never used a sewing machine.

cushions 3 LFP


We jumped straight in and I can’t describe how brilliantly they took to it. 

Some lovely kiwis dropped round to help out and say hello and the small room was suddenly quite chaotic.

The second industrial has been a little late in arriving so we were sharing the one machine – just to complicate it all.

cushions 4 LFP


But within hours they’d each made a cushion.

Zips, piping, patchwork… Complicated sewing for anyone, let alone beginners.

The cushions are embroidered in Bury St Edmunds on Irish woven linen and the backs are high quality upholstery ex display samples.

With the inserts being recycled PET poly – these are about 75% recycled materials and 25% UK materials.

They will be available for sale soon.

The Living Furniture Project is a wonderful social enterprise employing and training homeless Londoners to help reduce landfill by upcycling to create beautiful furniture.

See more at:




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