Pre election thoughts

I’ve voted.

Last week I visited Australia House in London and put my piece of paper in.

I’m writing at length about my political views but I thought I’d put a couple of Tony Judt quotes in here.

I’m rereading his book Ill Fares the Land and it seemed appropriate.

How should we talk about the way we choose to run our societies? In the first place, we cannot continue to evaluate our worlds and the choices we make in a moral vacuum. Even if we could be sure that a sufficiently well-informed and self-aware rational individual would always opt for his own best interests, we would still need to ask just what those interests are. They cannot be inferred from his economic behaviours, for in that case the argument would be circular. We need to ask what men and women want for themselves and under what conditions those wants may be addressed.


The past was neither as good nor as bad as we suppose; it was just different. If we tell ourselves nostalgic stories, we shall never engage with the problems that face us in the present – and the same is true if we fondly suppose that our own world is better in every way. The past really is another country: we cannot go back. However, there is something worse than idealising the past – or presenting it to ourselves and our children as a chamber of horrors: forgetting it.


I was taken to Illustrative Berlin 2013 this week by a wonderful woman. These prints are by Eiko Ojala. They’re digital hand drawings that look like they’ve been cut by paper.

I think they’re so lovely.

Happy voting.

P.S. Abbott’s a dick.


One thought on “Pre election thoughts

  1. Very true. Abbott appears to hark back to an age of idyllic (ignorant) bliss where all ‘exteriors’ such as asylum seekers were just kept out. Oh, and supposedly, Abbott can prevent West Papuans from expressing self-determination in a social media age. And we can run the economy, without global intereference. Sorry, guys, this is delirious fantasy. But the world isn’t taking heed anyway. ‘Change before you have to’ – Jack Welch

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