So last week I did a bit of work for artist Brad Downey.

At the time I had no idea what I was doing, who for, or under what context.

Tonight, I went to the exhibition. 

I’m not sure what I expected from going to an exhibition on The Strand, but it wasn’t this.

Initially in a spotlit room with double jointed contortionists wearing gas masks and whacking metal tubes against poles and carrying baseball bats, the whole thing was quite terrifying.

In a huge, cavernous warehouse in the centre of London there were video installations, graffiti, paintings, photos…


The work was intense and the rooms being so dark made it seem like something from a horror film.

I found the section with the pieces I’d helped with and there was a sudden calm.


The raw brutality of the other pieces was halted by a display of kitschy outdoor furniture with a series of photographs and a woman serving miso soup.

Being me, constantly hungry, and terrified of horror, this was such a welcome sight.

We settled down into the deckchairs that I’d sewn and I quietly sussed out the two umbrellas that other seamstresses had constructed.




The photos were of construction sites and I had put together two deck chairs, two directors chairs and a large umbrella constructed from the banners covering those buildings. They were ripped and tagged with graffiti, but for a day’s work…


Go see my chairs.


Lazarides and The Vinyl Factory Present: BRUTAL


One thought on “BRUTAL

  1. Unfortunately, brutal conduct seems to be making a comeback, Kat. Reading David Hamer’s book on ‘Responsible Government’. What a delight! In the current atmosphere, however, almost quaint. Responsible govts, today, would probably be under drone surveillance. Nice pictures : ) !

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