The Year That Was

I’ve been quiet on the blog posts over the past year.

The truth is, I was just really busy.

I moved to London early 2013. It was March and still snowing. I moved into a house in which the boiler promptly broke and for weeks I shivered in a basement flat trying to draw embroidery designs and worrying about the inability to feel my fingers.

I moved to Shoreditch, got my studio with the incredible 3space, and set up en bloc design as a UK not-for-profit company.

I began small, short term teaching projects.

I worked with the Living Furniture Project, who was taking on homeless apprentices and teaching furniture making. In conjunction with Crisis Skylight the project was such an amazing one and I spent a lot of time in Providence Row where the workshop was located.

Living Furniture Project Living Furniture Project Living Furniture Project Living Furniture Project Living Furniture Project

Another group that I worked with was Kids Company who already use design to help kids. They have their Urban Academy where kids can put together projects and learn to sew. It’s a brilliant charity and company and I adored having the kids come in and help and make their own things.

Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc Kids Co En Bloc

And on Sunday mornings I hung out with the lovely women who form Justice for Domestic Workers. They have formed a support network for women who have been subjected to abuse from employers and we would spend the morning drawing, patternmaking and experimenting with garments. From 10 to 30 women would turn up depending on the day and their warmth and enthusiasm was amazing. Usually in a classroom in Holborn, the below photos were taken when the weather allowed us to have a day drawing in the park.

Snapshot - 20 (2) Snapshot - 21 (2) Snapshot - 22 (2) Snapshot - 24 (2) Snapshot - 25 (2) Snapshot - 26 (2)I feel very lucky to have met so many amazing people last year. The strength and perseverance  of every person I met was incredible. I wrapped up classes at the end of 2013 to go back to see family in Australia and to reassess visa options as my one at the time was ending February 2014.

So what next?



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