Bicycle Tweed

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So last week was the opening of Dashing Tweeds’ new Mayfair shop.

We went to see the new shop design and the lovely tweeds.

The week before I had finished off a bicycle seat for a friend’s project.


It is covered with the Red Sergeant Tweed from Dashing Tweeds.

Tweed is obviously not the best material to cover a bike seat in as it will wear pretty quickly, but this is for an exhibition bike rather than one to be used a lot.

And there’s also the added bonus of Dashing Tweeds using LUMATWILL which is a reflective fibre (helping you get seen at night without having to wear an ugly yellow vest!)

IMG_0079 IMG_0081

Thanks to the lovely Hoxton Street Shoe Repairers as well who supplied me with all the glue.

Dashing Tweeds are at:

Alex Hills who designed the shop fit is at:


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