The Aim

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So a week in and I’ve made it to Scotland.

It’s beautiful and I’m trying to tell myself to work and not to be too distracted, but it’s really difficult up here.

But I’ve started on a project.

I’m not sure the exact form that it will take at the moment, but I wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek at my current thought process.

I’ve begun interviewing people. Locals, makers, manufactures and randoms I find sitting in parks or on quays.

I’m asking how much they know/care about British made goods, whether it is worthwhile having manufacturing in the UK and what it’s like living without it.

Below is a snippet of an interview where I asked “Where would you go to buy something that was made in the UK?’

I am hoping to do a lot of these short films and start releasing them in September to spark a social discussion of manufacturing in developed countries and what it actually means to us.


One thought on “The Aim

  1. Kat

    All very lovely., hope you are enjoying your tour . just needed to point out that it’s Lancashire, not whatever you put about the lady from the factory!!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Diana xxx

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